Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Half past eleven read my watch.Some females called it the triangular watch.It was triangular,they had valid reason to.Some called it the time machine.How I wish it was one.How I wish I could go back a couple of hours or  6 years maybe
Let me put you up to speed.The year is 2014.Im coming back from a wedding.My car broke down.I felt a little broken too.It was chilly and I was waiting for the train that would get me back home.
So here I was sitting on the mettalic bench,lost in thoughts which were suddenly disrupted by her arrival."Chilly aint it?'' she asks.It takes me a moment to realise what she was asking ,"the weather,oh yeah ...yeah cold" I say,because I never expect this to happen.Not in this sadistic universe anyway.And yet here we are
"you were at the wedding",she says."How did you? were there?"I ask in shock."maybe if you werent staring so intensily at the bride and shedding tears,you wouldave noticed me".We laugh."theres always the next one",she adds smiling.I debate in my head whether I should tell her then,but then I ask,"where are you going at this late an hour?"."Oh Im headed to Manipal,got into postgraduation there".The happiest man on earth cant beat my smile at that instant.
"Ill see you there tommorow then"


  1. Awesome finale man! Wonder what is gonna be the next season. . :P