Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Half past eleven read my watch.Some females called it the triangular watch.It was triangular,they had valid reason to.Some called it the time machine.How I wish it was one.How I wish I could go back a couple of hours or  6 years maybe
Let me put you up to speed.The year is 2014.Im coming back from a wedding.My car broke down.I felt a little broken too.It was chilly and I was waiting for the train that would get me back home.
So here I was sitting on the mettalic bench,lost in thoughts which were suddenly disrupted by her arrival."Chilly aint it?'' she asks.It takes me a moment to realise what she was asking ,"the weather,oh yeah ...yeah cold" I say,because I never expect this to happen.Not in this sadistic universe anyway.And yet here we are
"you were at the wedding",she says."How did you? were there?"I ask in shock."maybe if you werent staring so intensily at the bride and shedding tears,you wouldave noticed me".We laugh."theres always the next one",she adds smiling.I debate in my head whether I should tell her then,but then I ask,"where are you going at this late an hour?"."Oh Im headed to Manipal,got into postgraduation there".The happiest man on earth cant beat my smile at that instant.
"Ill see you there tommorow then"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


For me there has been an urge to understand everything.Scientists having postulated so many provable hypothesis.Today the aim of science is to unify the theories and come up with a model for the universe.The one theory that unites everything.Scientists call it the M theory.I may have stumbled upon a less complex version of the theory and would like to share it for your understanding

Model of the universe
Quantum mechanics + chaos theory+ relativity 
We must abandon the idea of a finite universe.Everything that has happened till today for each one of us is as a result of our own choices and the choices of others affecting us in a relative way as per chaos theory and the very next second will happen how we chose it to happen for ourselves and how others choose for themselves
Now take of all of this and think of a  simulation system, where we are programmes.Bits of codes making up our body and the universe around us ( compare to DNA) so if our universe were depicted in a computer screen,all we are are an expression of information due to interacting data.Like a painting,only changing every femto second 
A self generated hologram or someone generating it.But the existence of an entity puts forth a problem.How did the entity get created and by logical premise if the entity popped out simply,couldn't the hologram by equal logic exist the same way.

still some holes.The saddest part of all this is that I will never know the answer in my time.Which finally brings us to "what then the purpose of my existence?" 

Monday, December 17, 2012


Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.God does not exist.There is absolutely no need for a God.I wait for the lightning to strike me down as i type.It does not come,it wont.To begin with I was a believer.Kids are easily dissillusioned.Taught when they are young that evrything including himself/herself were created by god.Any dificulty one faces,is surmountable with the help of God.It takes you 18 years to realise its all a bunch of hogwash,if youre smart enough.Stories created by men,who wanted the followers to blindly sway in a false sense of security.We are on our own,theres no one watching out for us.We were on our own since the day a few molecules accidently reacted in a pool.There is  a pattern in the universe,a set of laws that govern it,not because someone laid it down
Ask yourself,if God created the universe,then what created god?And if you say God sprouted up by himself,then why shouldnt the universe have done the same,what purpose then for the creator?
The rate of scientific advancements have gone beyond limit.Cryopreservation allowas one to freeze oneself and reduce the metabolic needs to a bare minimum such that he may wake years later and not age a day.Terraforming allows us to make planets hospitable.Stem cell research and cloning gives us the power to create our copies from the basic DNA up.Given all these powers,wouldnt that make us gods.why wouldnt we journey light years and on some terraformed planet leave the perfect mixture for life in the oceans and come back only to return years later to sse a sprawling ecosysytem with intelligent life  that would call us god.This theory is more acceptable.
philosophically if you set upon a journey to understand god,you will end up an atheist.I was a believer once.Until I realised that there is always a choice for us,that our fate is not written,but made in every split second desicion we take by ourselves

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Gravity is a distortion in space time.Its what special relativity teaches us.To think of space like a fabric and to think of gravity as the distorter.
We have spent our entire lives travelling time.Linearly.I have made statements earlier that time travel is impossible.Hawkings argument proves it.If time travel was manupulated,then someone would have already done it ahead in the future.So Hawking conducted a dinner with much publicity(lets say it went down in the history books),so that the guy ahead in time would know of such an experiment(paradoxical how some of you came to know only now).There was no answer,Hawking waited in vain as his guests never appeared.
However,travelling ahead into time cannot be ruled out.We do it every day,it's called sleeping.
So far no one has given much thought into the matter.
Everbody wants to travel back,change the past and thereby alter their future

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So just today I was at the regular hangout with the gang.I admit I wasnt really there for the food.I just wanted to be with her.I know some of you have already pictured the girl from the train.
Its not her.Its Nazneen,in flesh and blood.How?Thats not a story for you folk,and im pretty sure theres plenty more to the story because its just one day ill write about it.Now to direct your attention to the declining quality of food
so we gazed at the menu,wierdest names possible before us.Everytime Im there I order something new to see whats different.The sad truth is,the food sucks every single time.For thier bright decorated appearences,their crazy names and their hole in the wallet pricing,honestly,its not worth it.The quality of food world over has come down.Im not talking about this particular hangout,perhaps all over Mnagalore its the same.A handful of places offer the best,and the best always will be desi food.No again im not blaming Mangalore cuisine.I love chicken ghee roast as much as the next guy,but to me i feel beef chilli and porotta or simple chicken biryani is palatable if its made the normal way.Im just saying the amount of money we waste is well um its a huge waste

im sure Naz youre laughing your head off reading this.I promise our romantic moments will get less philosophical.Until next time

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


                         "have you ever had a dream that felt so real?"-morpheus to neo,the matrix
Afreen bends down smiling.She says something,I cant remember.Im sitting on the floor.We are sitting on the floor.Alif is sitting left of me.Roy a little ahead.I feel something heavy on my shoulder,a girls head.Our hands meet on the cold floor.It feels more real than Reality itself.I cant see her face,and yet her is strangely familiar.I wake up gasping on the bed.The darkness hurts,and yet its peaceful..more peaceful than ive ever felt
and so it begins 

Monday, November 26, 2012


Its been a year and a month since my last post.A very turbulent year spent searching for meaning in the truck load of happenings.It wasnt until late October this year that I admitted to feeling what id been battling all along.It all began with a dream,turned into an ugly fight with myself,but she kept me going.The girl I met in the train?
That was a piece of the puzzle that was just beginning to form.The Grand Design is something truly marvelous.The astounding fact was that it was all around me and I was blind enough not to see it yet.
we will begin with the dream